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6th August 2003 - Road Trip - day 6 - Telluride, Bridal Veil Falls, Tomboy

After a great nights sleep and a good cooked breakfast, we took the bicycles of the back of the car for the first time on this trip. Up the free gondola (yes, bikes are free too!) and down the Telluride Trail, which turned out to be a service road with rocks and loose gravel – not very enjoyable and straight back into Telluride. So we went back up and turned onto Ridge Trail which was much better – in between trees an a very nice single trail all the way down to Mountain Village. We then decided to take the road back to Telluride. We followed our noses and found some great bike trails that followed the roads and ended up doing miles and miles of riding.

Got back to the hotel and I managed to fall asleep straight away for about half an hour - lightweight!.

We then went back out and drove up to Bridal Veil Falls just outside of the town. Through a private mine and then up a steep series of switchbacks and you are faced with a 365 foot waterfall (the longest in Colorado) emerging beside the old Smuggler-Union hydroelectric plant, that now serves as a private residence.

bridal veil falls

With time to kill we decided to drive up a harder 5-mile 4x4 road to a ghost town called Tomboy. This trail took forever, and it makes you wonder how the daily stagecoach got up to this old mining town on a daily basis. This town was so big that it boasted a school, YMCA, bowling alley and even tennis courts!

Then back to town for the best Chinese meal I’ve had since being in the USA.