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12th May 2018 - Florida, Russian Federation, Colorado, Colombia, Mexico and California

Miami International, FL

Ramenskoye Airport, Zhukovsky, MAKS 2017, Russian Federation.

Eagle County Regional, CO.

Buckley AFB, CO.

Rocky Mountain Metro, CO.

Apiay Airbase, Colombia.

Olaya Herrera Airport, Medellin, Colombia.

Atizapan de Zaragoza, Mexico.

Flabob, CA.

Los Angeles, CA.

Denver International, CO.

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6th January 2018 - California, Russian Federation, Japan, Colombia, Mexico and UK

Southern California Logistics Airport, Victorville, CA.

Mojave, CA.

Chkalovsky, Russian Federation.

Haneda Airport, Tokyo, Japan.

Jose Maria Cordova, Medellin, Colombia.

Mexico Off-Airport.

Domodedovo, Moscow, Russian Federation.

Cotswold Airport, Kemble, UK.

Southend Airport, UK.

Chino Airport, CA.

Mexico sunsets.

Mexico City.

Bath, UK.

Moscow, Russian Federation.

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10th November 2017 - Mexico, China, Japan, Russian Federation, California and Sweden

Queretaro Intercontinental Airport, Mexico.

Santa Lucia, FAMEX2017, Mexico.

Beijing Capital, China.

Chofu Airport, Japan.

Kubinka, ARMY2017, Russian Federation.

Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant, Russian Federation.

Panamint Valley, CA.

Gothenburg Landvetter, Sweden.

California City, CA.

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6th August 2017 - Mexico, Iran, California and Colorado

Off Airport, San Juan Tuxtepec, Mexico.

Off Airport, Mexico - updated May 2017.

Universidad Aeronautica en Queretaro, Mexico.

Kish, Iran.

Apple Valley, CA.

San Bernardino, CA.

Colorado Springs MAP, CO - updated June 2017.

Rocky Mountain Metro, CO - updated June 2017.

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24th June 2017 - Florida, Turkey and California

Hollywood International, Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Konya Airport, Anatolian Eagle 2016-2, Turkey.

San Francisco, CA.

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28th May 2017 - Florida, Colorado, Iran, UK and Mexico

Opa-locka, FL.

Miami Executive (Tamiami), FL.

Centennial, CO.

Eagle County Regional, CO.

Tehran-Mehrabad, Iran.

Coventry, UK.

La Purisima, Mexico.

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18th March 2017 - California, UK, Mexico, Russian Federation and Iran

Santa Monica, CA.

London Heathrow, UK.

Mexico, off airport.

Cuernavaca, Mexico.

Moscow Region.

Mexico Sunsets.

Tehran, Iran.

Meygoon, Iran.

Isfahan, Iran.

Shiraz, Iran.

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16th January 2017 - Colorado, Utah, California and UK.

Centennial, CO.

Fox Field, CA.

Palmdale Regional, CA.

Denver area.

Utah general.

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26th November 2016 - California, Colorado and UK

Los Angeles, CA.

Palmdale Regional, CA.

California City MAP, CA.

Rocky Mountain Metro, CO.

Aspen Pitkin County, CO.

London Heathrow, UK.

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29th October 2016 - Colorado, Iran, Nevada and website changes

Denver International, CO.

Tehran-Mehrabad, Iran.

McCarran, NV.

There's also been a number of changes to the website on the aviation side. Over the last six months I've spent a long time re-coding to dispense with Flash. It's now Flash free and easier to browse on a mobile device and tablets.

Also the digital and old scans sections have been merged into a single index page, meaning one less click to get to the aviation section and one place to find what you're after.

The search page has also been changed to allow photos to be displayed when searching, instead of just text.
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