The Monsoon Bassoon

Jamie Frazer Keddie - drums

Daniel Chudley - guitar, vox / Laurie Osborne - bass


Dan and Laurie

Sarah Measures - woodwind / vox / sax

Kavus Torabi - vox / guitar



The sweetest voice you are likely to hear this side of Liz Fraser, then the sound of a clarinet gently playing. Suddenly the full force of two guitars come in, trying to raze the room to the ground, all held together by bass and drums, as the guitars swoop off and a flute intervenes. This is typical Monsoon Bassoon.

Listen to them on CD or vinyl, but most of all see this band live. They are certainly the BEST, and most original live guitar band around at this moment in time. Prepare to be spellbound as they play tricks with your ears and mind. Members of the audience have been known to comment that they felt that they have been violated after a live performance!

Impossible to categorise, The Monsoon Bassoon have their own label, and plan shows with no help from the music industry. This makes them free to play exactly the way they want, the down side being that hardly no one has heard of them outside of the massive London Underground scene. The NME, surprisingly, like what they do. (Good to see they have some taste!) Most shows are sell outs.
News - oh fuck! The Monsoon Bassoon have decided to call it a day. But the good news is that they are now "parked", which means they may re-appear in a couple of years. Here's hoping!

find a statment from Sarah and some comments by people shocked at the news of the split here

Kavus, Dan & Jim are currently working as Miss Helsinki. Kavus is also working on solo project Knifeworld.

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"one of a select band of truly original guitar bands" - the NME

"Fractalised, feverish and fantastic" - Misfit City

"we just play beautiful music and violate people" - Kavus

"Admittedly, most of the crowd lapped it up but (like Mogwai) I've been raised on Rodan, Don Cabellero and Truman's Water, and (unlike Mogwai) I know that anything Mogwai do, their barely know contempories Geiger Counter, American Heritage and The Monsoon Bassoon do with a lot more individuality and complexity." Maddy Costa - The Guardian.