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bands on this site
Billy Mahonie Foe Lapsus Linguae Monkey Boy Rothko Seafood

ex-bands on this site
Fiji (2) Ursa

recommended bands (uk)
Aereogramme - ex Ganger and making plently of good noise.

Saviours Of The Underground - unofficial site.

Art Of Burning Water - you want heavy? Check it out!

Bullet Union - made up of ex Ursa and Dead Inside members - promising!

Cardiacs - true underground band with their own agenda and loyal following.

Caretaker - young noise merchants that are set for greater things. Like a cross between Idlewild and Fiji. But they need to get out more and write new stuff!

David Thomas - this is the home of Ubu Projex, which includes David Thomas and two pale boys & Pere Ubu. A deep insight into this amazing man. (I know he's American, but his band is from the UK and he lives in Brighton anyway)

Dive Dive - formerly Dustball - then Fighting Gandhis (but only for a bit) - punky/poppy/catchy... watch Nigel go!

The Dudley Corporation - short and sweet tunes from this amazing Irish band.

Econoline - nice tunes and a great live act - a band that give their all.

Fuck-Off Machete - another remnant of Ganger.

Gertrude - terrifyingly eclectic London based band - strings and all - daughters of The Monsoon Bassoon.

G-Plan - interesting Scottish band.

Guanoman - interesting electronica and guitar stuff to be found.

Guapo - drum, bass and now keyboards - not that kind, but a Japanese style, and mesmerising live.

Hey Colossus - sludge rock.

Jetplane Landing - rock out baby!

Kaito - sharp, spiky, angular young band from Norwich. You will have a big smile while watching them play live.

Max Tundra - mini wizard, who can squeeze 1000 ideas into 3 minutes.

Montana Pete - a band that defies description.

Mountain Men Anonymous - mini Godspeed types from Cardiff.

Mrs Pilgrimm - one woman and her cello.

Nøught - way out there guitar excellence.

Radiohead - who need no introduction.

Reuben - yet another band from the Aldershot scene who were formally called Angel. Sound like a heavier Foo Fighters meets Helmet.

Stars In Battledress - the brothers Larcombe take you on their unique musical journey.

Sunnyvale Noise Sub Element - Oxford four piece with some very interesting non-vocal sounds.

The Workhouse - old men of Oxford who can show the young upstarts a thing or two.

yourcodenameis:milo - young band sounding good.

Youthmovie Soundtrack Strategies - young Oxford band making some very interesting music.

recommended bands (rest of the world)
American Heritage - mental, mental, mental - loud, hard, fast, complex, mad!! My ears are bleeding!

...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead - and you will!

Black Black Ocean - one of the best local bands in the Denver area.

Circle - the most fantastic export from Finland.

Curious Yellow - a promising local band from Denver in the Seafood vein.

Dillinger Escape Plan - fast as fuck and intense as an intense thing.

Godspeed You Black Emperor! - music for the end of the world.
another site to look at.

Les Savy Fav - art and music rolled into one. Miss this band at your peril.

Lightning Bolt - bass and drums and mayhem.

The Locust - faster than a fast thing - jees!

Lower Forty-Eight - great sounding band based in SFO.

The Mass - the next Sweep?

Melt Banana - everyones favourite Japanese hardcore band.

Melvins - official site, but not much here.
The Melvins.net - lots of info here about the great live band that is Melvins.

Murder By Death - unique band from Indiana - electric cello, classical piano, noisey guiatrs - will be big.

Noxagt - Norways gloomy, heavy three piece - playing with bass, viola and drums.

Sigur Rós - band from Iceland doing their own thing. Huge moody music, well worth checking out.

Sleepytime Gorilla Museum - CA based anti-rock art act. Theatrical live shows, home made instruments, dark heavy sounds - great!

Sparta - from the ashes of ATD-I come a band that's even better!

Tool - not mainstream heavy band, but somehow get radio play.

Ui - American three piece from New York, often using two bass guitars amongst loads of other instruments. A live experience to savour.

Yakuza - great sounds from this Chicago based group. Melody and mental playing.

ex-bands - but worth checking out
Arab On Radar - black suits, black music.

Cat On Form - Brighton's very own hardcore band. They give the US bands a good run for their money.

Check Engine - complex little pop songs that tear out your heart.

June Of '44 - band from the USA who veer from heavy to subtle - all in one song.

McLusky - great shouty rock from Wales.

Reynolds - one-song setlist wonders - I won't make comparisons because Chris will start.

Slint - the original post-rock band.

Sweep The Leg Johnny - one of THE best live bands to grace this planet.

Ten Grand - another brilliant live band, sadly ended by the sudden death of Matt.

places to buy your records (uk)
Chunky Records - excellent mail order from Andi, up in the Midlands

Glaive Records - new store for the West country based in Bath.

Norman Records - home to Jonathan Whiskey records and regular friendly chat about new releases.

Rough Trade - well laid out site, with everything you would expect, includes information on RoTa, the monthly live showcase at The Notting Hill Arts Club.

Solarise Records - online record label dealing in original independant artists.

places to buy your records (rest of the world)
Twist & Shout - the only place to buy in Denver.

Zerobros - great mail order from Belgium with lots of added goodies including a gig guide, and they only seem to deal in good music.

localised music resources (uk)
Brighton Underground - jam packed with links and resources for bands in Brighton.

Clishmaclaiver - disussion board for the alternative scene in Scotland.

Gigs In Bury - well not just Bury, but Cambridge, Norwich & Suffolk - anywhere flat really.

The Holy Toilet - dedicated to the music, sights and sounds of Tunbridge Wells and other places that are quite near Tunbridge Wells (excluding Hawkhurst).

Jockrock - all you need to know about the Scottish scene.

Leeds Music Scene - speaks for itself really.

M11 Music - focused on the east of England. (Herts, Cambs, Essex etc)

Oxford Bands - another Oxford local resource.

Pineapster - the East Midlands is catered for here.

Tin Foil - all you need to know about the Oxford scene.

Things You're Missing - in Eire.

Thumped - see what's happening in the underground music scene in Eire.

Z6 Online - new site based in the Mersyside area.

localized music resources (denver)
Denver Evolution - music and the arts at a community level.

Denver & Boulder Music - local and national acts listings plus more.

NIPP - the big local independent promoter here in Denver.

A Badge Of Friendship - online zine from the ashes of the paper based Broken Violin in Glasgow.

Alternative Nation - all the usual stuff here - good news section.

Cheetare Pop - glitzy indie pop & punk abound at this new site.

Collective Zine - a tonnage of record reviews to look at plus more.

Diskant - a network of websites by independent fanzines, bands and record labels.

Do Something Pretty - another site tackling the UK underground scene.

Drowned In Sound - nice site taking a more leftfield view of the current scene. Loads of stuff to look at.

EPO Records Webzine - Emotional, Passionate, Opinionated.

Fake DIY - news, reviews, features etc.

L'entrepot - fanzine site from Belgium, with reviews and interviews, by brothers Tom and Kris. You want eclectic? You got it!

Misfit City - nice online magazine, featuring a very wide range of artists. Not updated very regularly but excellent writing and an abundance of enthusiasm.

Organ - reviews, record releases, gig promoter, news etc etc. Does Sean ever stop?

Pitchfork Media - news updated every day.

Raw Nerve - CD reviews, downloads etc.

Screaming Tarts - just up and running from a paperbased zine.

Smoking Beagle - reviews, gig guide and blog. Will be incorporating Blacktop Stories later.

Stayfun - excellent webzine based n the Netherlands

Tangento - a site for the propagation of obscure and extremely intense music.

The Stereo Effect - comprehensive site with reviews, news etc.

just photos
Bob Glanville - bands photos around London mostly.

Chromatic Fantasy - digital photography from Dave in the Bay area.

Kaley Nelson Photography - young photog based in LA.

Skreeboy - nice photos from Denver gigs.

Tina McClelland - some great live photos posted here.

Under Exposed - photo site by Bob, trolling around the small venues.

When Words Are Not Working - great photos from Owen down in the West country. (UK)

All Music Guide - great for tracing the history etc of any band. Lots of good infomation here.

Is This Music? - new magazine devoted to the music of Scotland.

Logo Magazine - some more off beat bands included.

John Peel’s Festive 50 - a list of all the Festive 50’s from 1976 to date.

The Perfumed Garden - an audio tribute to the late John Peel.

Skyscraper Magazine - well written quarterly magazine based in New York and Denver.

UBL - the Ultimate Band List... probably the most comprehensive site on the web to find that web site about your favorite bands.

BBC Radio
John Peel - the (gran)daddy of alternative radio.
Mixing It - eclectic world music.
6 Music - lots of interesting sounds and programs here.

Radio 1190 - great student radio from Boulder, Colorado.

Resonance 104fm - London's experimental radio art station.

Totally Radio - on demand radio, with shows from Careless Talk Costs Lives and Artrocker

Xfm - listen to either John Kennedy or Ricky Gervais - that is ALL.

record labels
Asking For Trouble - new label run by Diskant overlord Marceline.

ATG Records - small label based in Scotland - ATG? Against The Grain.

Badmusic - small record label featuring the likes of Caretaker, Cold Harbor (ex Dreyfuss) & Reuben (ex Angel). All the best from the Guildford area.

Bella Union - beautiful site that is home to The Cocteau Twins, Simon Raymonde, Robin Guthrie and The Dirty Three amongst others. Truly an inspirational label.

Day Release Records - find out more about the sublime sounds of Delicate AWOL & 40 Shades Of Black. Also join their singles club (no not for introductions) which have already featured Delicate AWOL, The Monsoon Bassoon, Rothko, Billy Mahonie & Defeat The Young. Godspeed You Black Emperor! and others to come.

Denial Records - based in High Wycombe, and also promotes local gigs.

Elastic Fiction - small independent label, trying to help out new bands in the big wide music world.

Fat Cat - seek out Immense and Sigur Ros here.

Fierce Panda - this label continues to pump out superb releases from unknown bands who then get snapped up by the majors. Also encompasses the Rabid Badger and Livid Meerkat label for the more leftfield bands. They've just signed the excellent Kaito.

French Kiss Records - home to Les Savy Fav and more.

House Of Stairs - Foe, Stars In Battledress, Ursa, Miss Helsinki, Knifeworld and other quailty bands.

Ipecac Recordings - Melvins, Tomahawk and more great bands here.

Kino-Eye Recordings - small mail order and distribution company that leans to the left. Loads of information here.

K-raa-k³ - Belgium label used by Rothko for the Storm Cycle EP. Loads of experimental stuff here.

Lo Recordings - Always interesting releases from this small label. Rothko, Hairy Butter, DJ Skykid, Ceephax, Echo Park, Richard Thomas and more.

Load Records - US label hosting Noxagt and Lighting Bolt.

Lockjaw - home of Monkey Boy and Tribute To Nothing.

Monotreme Records - after a few quiet releases out come CD's by Lower Forty Eight and The Mass!

MRW44 - small Scottish label specialising in experimental music.

Org - always worth checking out these releases before the bands make the majors. Cay, The Monsoon Bassoon, Rothko, Mariachi etc have all had releases here. The only label that has the great idea to fill up a single release with other artists for you to sample.

Sick Room Records - small label from Chicago releasing loads of things, with Sweep, Check Engine & Ten Grand among them.

Southern - how many good bands can you get on one label?

Too Pure - McLusky live here.

Vacuous Pop - new label based in Oxford set to release stuff by Cat On Form & Dive Dive.

Zeal Records - another industrious Belgium label.