Jon Meade - guitar

Jason Carty - guitar

Crawford Blair- bass

Paul Westwood - drums





Is this Prog Rock or Math Rock taken to the extreme? No over indulgent vocals, no over the top stage antics. Just good hard music, that grabs you by the throat and spits you out onto the floor. These guys seriously rock big time! Jon and Crawford you may recognise from bass wranglers Rothko, but Jon swaps instruments from bass, to more at home guitar. Last release Ekranoplan is a gem. See them live and prepare to be pinned against the wall! Like all your favourite rock bands without the singers.
News - ok here's the current scoop...
The band have decided to call it a day. There will be no more live dates to be had. Some tracks have been recorded for the scheduled album, but don't hold your breath.

take a look at new band Foe featuring Jason, Crawford & Paul, while Jon has gone on to play with new band Lomax

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"Admittedly, most of the crowd lapped it up but (like Mogwai) I've been raised on Rodan, Don Cabellero and Truman's Water, and (unlike Mogwai) I know that anything Mogwai do, their barely know contempories Geiger Counter, American Heritage and The Monsoon Bassoon do with a lot more individuality and complexity." Maddy Costa - The Guardian.