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19th May 2012 - DPRK Trip - day 8 - Pyongyang

The final day of an epic adventure, and we had a final look around Pyongyang whilst being driven to the airport to catch our flight back to China.

Pyongyang views

Yet again the staff at the airport saw us off, and with knowing looks, bode us farewell with rolled eyes as we naturally started shooting the aircraft we would fly in on the ramp. I'm sure they'd never seen the like before.

The flight on a Tu-154 was yet another great experience

I was going to write further thoughts on the trip, but it's a mixture of confusion and not really knowing the real country. All the people we met were curious and polite, and we saw and were allowed to photograph many things previously banned on past trips.

I'm hopeful that the country will continue to open up and people will visit, and thereby quash the rhetoric from both sides and make their own minds up.

It's a place I'd certainly think about visiting again and it was a great insight, albeit a small window, into this rarely visited and neutrally talked about country.

If you get a chance to go, do it.