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23rd August 2006 - Peru Trip - Day 15, July 18th - Lima to Denver via Miami

A long arsed day back home: Miami sucks! It took more than 2 hours to get through immigration, security and customs - it seemed to be very disorganized.

There are no signs to tell you where to go if you need to change terminals and no idea who flies from which terminal. Oh, and it takes 25 minutes to walk from one to the other with no moving walkways, no bus, no train and no signs. Oh yeah, I mentioned this on day 1, well it's so bad I'll say it again!

Also American Airlines sucks. First my flight went u/s, AFTER we were boarded. Two hours sitting in the heat - nice!

They also keep the seat belt signs on for far too long. We must have been in the cruise for at least an hour, with no turbulence, I was gagging for a piss. Bastards

Anyway, enormous thanks must go to Angie and Steve for being such great hosts and organizing so much for us all, it was great!

When's the next one?