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11th August 2006 - Peru Trip - Day 8, July 11th - Puno, Lima to Nazca

It was another early start for our flight back to Lima.

Back at Steve and Angie's house, we had a couple of hours to do some laundry and order some pizzas.

Then it was into the car, where 5 of us would be driving down to Nasca, which took about 5 hours all told.

We arrived a little late, and via the tourist information found a place to stay just out of all the tourist areas.

We rang the bell and a few minutes later the owner came out in dressing gown and slippers, he had obviously been in bed!

We couldn't park the car in his garage area, as the road was being dug up, so Angie and Vanessa went with him to another road where he started banging on various doors and garages. Eventually, he woke someone up, and the car was safely parked. I guess they all know each other and use each others spaces for secure parking.