London Heathrow, UK (EGLL) - 1987

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Yugoslav Air Force An-12BP 73312/YU-AID was a weekly weekend visitor during this time, along with sister ship YU-AIC.

Unfortunately, on 12 December 1988, a year after this photo was taken, AID crashed into a road bridge while it was on approach to Yerevan-Zvartnots, killing all onboard.

Caribbean Air Cargo Boeing 707-300C 8P-CAC I only ever saw once, and after a stint in the USA with various operators, it ended up in the Sudan as ST-APY with Trans Arabian Air Transport, and was written-off when it crashed into Lake Victoria, Tanzania, in 2000.

HeavyLift Cargo Airlines Belfast C.1 G-BEPS ended her days stored at Southend Airport before being scrapped in November 2008.

You can see a photo at Southend in 2008 before scrapping.

Unusual Guinea-registered Falcon 10 3X-GCI visited Heathrow a few times.

I think I only shot an Iran Air Boeing 707 once, although they were common visitors at the time. Here EP-IRK is seen on the Cargo Ramp.

British Airways HS121-3B Tridents were still being disposed of in 1987, and here we see four (G-AWZK, G-AWZY, G-AWZL and G-AWZU) awaiting their eventual fate.

We hardly ever saw Japan Air Lines DC-10s at Heathrow, but this DC-10-40, JA8545, was performing a government flight, and is seen here at the Royal Suite.