London Heathrow, UK (EGLL) - 1985

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I'll start at the lower end of the aircraft scale with the British Caledonian (BCAL) Commuter Short SH330, which was operated by Eastern Airways for the airline at the time. This was was a rare visitor for Heathrow as they usually flew from Gatwick.

British Airways Boeing 757 G-BIKC, is still currently operational with DHL

Pan Am L-1011-500 N509PA is seen in the British Airways hangars ready to be painted for the RAF, and in other shot in the partially finished paint job, now as ZE705.

HS121-3B Trident G-AWZD was one of the aircraft that was sold to Air Charter Services of Zaire.

Egyptian Air Force C-130H 1291/SU-BEX is seen on the cargo ramp, and is still active with them now.

The Iraq Il-76s were later accused of picking up materials for Project Babylon, or as the press dubbed it "The Supergun Affair", but whether or not this was true is another story, as most pieces were confiscated at various European dockyards.

Iraqi Air Force Il-76MD YI-ALT was evacuated to Iran in 1991 during the Gulf War and impounded there. The Iranians converted the aircraft to an Il-76TD and it now serves with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard as 15-2284.

Another Il-76MD YI-ALW went the same route as ALT, and is in Iran as 5-8207.

Il-76M YI-ALO went back to the Soviet Union in 1988 and was operated by Aeroflot as CCCP-76788 (later RA-78788) and was broken up at Myachkovo in 2002.

Il-76MD YI-ALR was returned to the Soviet Union by 1991 and flew in Uzbekistan for a variety of operators. It was was last seen stored in Tashkent.

These Il-76s became quite a frequent sight at Heathrow in 1985 and then suddenly stopped in 1986, and included a few Syrian Air Force examples. Il-76M YK-ATC is seen pictured in the cargo area, and was last noted stored in Damascus in 2008.

Another rarity, for Heathrow at least, was this Interflug Il-18D DDR-STN seen on approach.

It was nice to see this sudden flurry of Soviet types, which in those days were few and far between.