London Heathrow, UK (EGLL) - 1984

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1984 was a bit of a lean year for me photography wise at Heathrow Airport.

The photos mostly consist of HS121-3B Tridents in the process of being slowly scrapped.

The one exception is the older HS121-1C Trident G-ARPR, which was still lingering around at the time. She was being held for the Civil Aviation Authority and was eventually taken to Teeside as a Fire Trainer.

As already mentioned on the 1980 page, G-ARPR was the world's first commercial aircraft with revenue passengers on-board to make a fully automated landing on 6 October 1965, when she was operated by BEA on the BE343 flight LBG-LHR, so with the scrapping of this airframe a lot of history was thrown away.

One of the first RAF Tristars I shot was K.1 tanker ZD949 fresh out of the British Airways paint shop. This shot was taken before the full tanker conversion and was a British Airways L-1011-500 G-BFCB.