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typeserialcodesqownerairfielddate (ymd)comments
B757-200NZ7571Royal New Zealand AFRAF Lyneham2009-05-20
C-130H501Sultanate of Oman AFRAF Lyneham, UK1981-10-01date only known as October 1981
DC-8-63F9G-RACAirlift InternationalRAF Lyneham2009-05-20
FireflyG-BNSP160RAF Lyneham2009-05-20
Hercules C.3XV221221RAFRAF Lyneham2009-05-20
Hercules C.4ZH870870RAFRAF Lyneham2009-05-20
Hercules C.5ZH884884RAFRAF Lyneham2009-05-20
Hercules C.5ZH889889RAFRAF Lyneham2009-05-20
PA-28G-VICCRAF Lyneham2009-05-20
Strikemaster Mk.84G-MXPHRAF Lyneham2009-05-20Royal Singapore AF 311