Techatticup Mine, NV, USA - 14 November 2006

At an old abandoned mine called Techatticup south of Boulder City, NV near Nelson are 31 or so stored T28's for use in a restoration project. The aircraft are mostly ex USN with a couple of USAF examples and are a mixture of B and C models.

The owner of the mine is storing these aircraft on their land for John Gibson who moved these aircraft here 4 to 5 years ago. They are offered for sale either as kits or fully restored.

These aircraft are in the process of being moved to Missouri, which may explain why there are not as many here as expected, if some have indeed been moved already.

There is also a mock-up of a crashed aircraft at the mine. It's an old OV-1 Mohawk with a fake serial of 131877.

This aircraft, which served in Vietnam, was bought from an Arizona graveyard for $15K to be used in the film “3000 Miles to Graceland”. The aircraft was painted up then blown up for the film at the mine. Afterwards the mine owners moved it to its final resting place on a pole to make it look like it had crashed.

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