Tutucan Park, Rionegro, Colombia - 13 July 2013

Most of the group was going back to the airshow today, but of course we were looking for alternatives, as two days at an airshow is overkill in my mind. A Vickers Viscount in a playground was already on the agenda, plus a look at the domestic airport right in the centre of Medellin seemed like a good plan.

The previous night we'd searched for clues as to where the Viscount was, with a lengthy scan on Google Maps and eventually we found it success!

We arranged a taxi with the front desk in the morning, explained that we'd need the driver to wait at the park, and then take us to Medellin. All sorted.

Arriving at the park the aircraft was shootable from the road, but the light meant being inside would be the better option.

Talking to the guy at the entrance, we explained what we wanted to do, and after the exchange of a few skippyscage zaps, which of course I pointed out had a picture of the same type of aircraft on, he was happy to let us in.

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