Aircraft Restoration and Marketing, Tucson, AZ, USA - 15 August 2007

It has been many years since I visited this area - in fact it was the early 80's when I last entered any of the so called scrap yards around Davis-Monthan.

When I last visited this compound was called Dross Metals, but the name has changed to the more aircraft friendly name of Aircraft Restoration and Marketing (ARM).

I was most surprised by the amount of C-117 Skytroopers still present. These were bought many years ago by Turbo 3 Corp, and were later acquired by Dross Metals when the venture failed, along with the remainder of the C-117s left in AMARC.

There are some gems still extant - an Arkia Airways Vickers Viscount front fuselage is probably the highlight, and one would hope she will escape the scrap man.

I must drag out my photos from my first visit to compare then and now.

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