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Magaloof Taylor - piano / vox / bass

Gunthor Hunter - guitar / bass

Raga Wu - drums

Penelope Collegefriend - piano / vox / guitar / bass

Classical piano mixed with all out punk noise and attitude. This is one of the most exciting bands I have come across for a long long time. Give yourself a treat and see them live and weep.
News - I've decided not to continue to update the specific pages with the showcased bands. This is for two reasons... firstly it is extremely time consuming... and secondly all the info you require can be found on the relevant artist websites.
When I started these pages many many years ago, most of the bands either had no website, or they were never updated. Nowdays every band has a website so it seems silly to carry on and duplicate the info they already provide. I will of course continue to update their live dates in the gig guide section.

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