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1st August 2003 - Road Trip - day 1 - Glenwood Springs

Water carrier, large cooler, tent, clothes, bicycles, duvets, drinks etc all loaded into and onto the Dodge and we’re ready to go. Judi and I had an idea of where we were going but it was left to be pretty fluid and nothing was set in stone.

We started off in Denver at 17:30 and joined the traffic travelling along the I-70 west into the mountains. Decided along the way to go as far as Glenwood Springs to look for somewhere to stay.

We found a smallish campsite at the West end of the town and decided to use the tent after finding out all the cabins were already taken. Boo!

We couldn’t get the tent pegs in the ground, as it was so hard, so we just bunged the water container inside and hoped the wind wouldn’t get up and blow everything away.

When we returned from the nice sushi bar the tent was still intact so all was well.