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20th September 2014 - Florida, Alaska, Colorado, Iceland and Denmark

The first set of updates are from Florida. Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport always has a lot of interesting aircraft around.

Opa-locka is the main airport nowadays that hosts the heavy propliners.

We flew down to Key West with the first stop at Marathon to checkout the resident DC-3.

In Key West we saw a couple of DHC-3s on floats taxi in.

A series from Miami International, where the light always seems to be tricky.

Next a couple of stragglers from Alaska. First is Kenai MAP where Everts Fuel have a small base. Here we were treated to a couple of nice departures from a C-46 and DC-6.

Lake Hood is always a great place to go for low-light photography, and on this trip it did not disappoint.

Now few sets from closer to home in Colorado. First is a set from Boulder MAP.

Next an article about the NCAR FRAPPE and NASA DISCOVER-AQ Operations in Colorado, it's background and the NASA and NCAR aircraft that supported the projects.

Coulson Aviation came to Colorado to perform a demonstration retardant drop for the state as part of a possible private contract.

The set from Colorado is the 2012 CALFEX live fire demonstration in Fort Carson.

On a short stopover in Keflavik, Iceland I managed to shoot a few Icelandair aircraft while transiting.

I did the same in Copenhagen, Denmark.