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6th November 2010 - Russia, Colorado and Europe from the Past

Another month, another update. I'll start off with a non aviation set taken in Arkhangelsk back in June. These were taken with a point and shoot so the quality isn't the best.

And on with the aviation - continuing with the above link are shots from the main airport in the city Arkhangelsk-Talagi. Lots of Tu-134s and Antonov transports here.

Closer to home and I've been able to shoot in my own state for a change. Centennial Airport has hosted a few interesting aircraft lately. The FAA still operate two CV-580s and one paid a visit where I shot it on 3-4 November. On the 29th October a Borek DHC-6 passed through on its way down south to the Antarctic. On the 4th November there was a Dash-8 operated for military contracts plus a Yak-52 taildragger bashing the circuit - I'd only ever seen the nose-wheel versions of the Yak-52 before.

Hopefully the last fire of the season I managed to catch a Neptune Aviation P-2 dropping retardant on the Dome fire along with a SEAT.

At Rocky Mountain Metro the Columbus Blue Jackets hockey teams immaculate DC-9-32 sitting on the ramp just after sunset.

Last up a couple of trips in the time machine. Dinard from 1991 and 1992 with a Caravelle and some exotic N.2501 Noratlas'.

Ostend from 1983, 1985 and 1991 was always home to the old classic jets.

That's all for now.

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