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21st April 2010 - CO ARNG and more from Siberia

Since the last update I've been to Nellis AFB, NV shooting for 4 days during Red Flag 10-3. This was run by Combat Aircraft as a double-page spread and is pending publishing on GAR.

I also just got home from a superb weekend covering the first flight of a TA-4L out of Arizona. This is pending publication in Aircraft Magazine.

I got to play a little with the Colorado Army National Guard while flying some off-base training picking-up and dropping an external load with an H-60. This took quite a bit of scouting out and running around but paid off in the end.

The next three are more from my backlog. First up is the sixth part from my trip to Siberia, this time the old domestic airport at Severny-Novosibirsk which is slowly dying unfortunately.

A little bit further back in time some downtime in London allowed me to do some shooting at Heathrow - something I haven't done for many many years. One evening I played with the low light and another I went out to shoot a Polish Air Force Yak-40.

A few shots from Yuma, AZ where we drove from El Centro, CA and back to try to catch a few AV-8 missions. Caught a TAV-8B which, surprisingly, was a type I'd not seen before.

June saw a few shots of B-25 Barbie III in and out of Centennial, CO.

I'll hopefully get around to catching up on some of the older stuff as time permits.