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22nd August 2009 - A Few Older Updates

A bit of a lull in updates lately. I have been on a trip to Siberia which was very eye-opening and I had a great time. The photos are still in the "lab" and will be published via Global Aviation Resource in multiple parts.

On to the updates. Back to my Arizona trip in January and some airbourne photos of Pinal Air Park where many airliners are either scrapped or resold. The lighting was tricky as was shooting through a perspex window.

Another older update from my northern Nevada trip in April where Minden Air Corp are busy converting a BAe146 into a fire tanker. This also appeared on the Global Aviation Resource website.

I added the Denver International Airport Learjet that is displayed in one of the concourses under the off-airport page just for convenience. More like in-airport, but this particular aircraft set a round-the-world record and was also the first aircraft to land at DIA.

It's a small update for now, but I do have some interesting partly down projects waiting to be finished off with further visits.