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6th January 2009 - catching up

First up a couple from near recent times.

November saw me drive to northern Wyoming twice to cover the delivery flight of a C-119 Flying Boxcar from Greybull, WY to Hagerstown, MD for the Hagerstown Aviation Museum. I spent a couple of days over a couple of weeks covering the preparation and departure flight. I wasn't that pleased with the air-2-air shots as heavy turbulence made it almost impossible to shoot, but you take what you can get.

September was the time for the bi-annual Grand Junction airshow. You couldn't ask for a better backdrop with the added bonus that the sun is on your back the whole day!

Going backwards in time a little to my UK trip in July and we start with DCAE Cosford - this was mostly to see the many stored Jaguars in attendance as instructional airframes. The highlight of the day was the ground running of the "spotty Jag".

Two days later we were hosted at RAF Shawbury with lots of helicopter ops and some real interesting restorations taking place.".

On the same day we were invited to attend the CFSA Reunion at RAF Cranwell. There was a small flying display plus the resident Dominies and King Airs were of course in attendance.

Lastly when in the UK in December I made the trek to Bournemouth to shoot the CL-44-O before it's probable scrapping. Oh for a ladder!

I'm still working on re-editing the shots from Peru in 2006 and these will be appearing in the updated slideshow viewer - and also easier to find! You will be informed when this is done of course :)