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14th December 2008 - Alaska

I finally had enough slack time to catch up on my processing from an aviation trip to Alaska.

First up the airliner side of Anchorage - mostly freighters from and to the Far East. Some superb opportunities to get close up with great backgrounds and sometimes perfect light.

Up to Fairbanks where we found four aircraft performing airborne sampling work. All were oldies and we were lucky enough to catch the NASA DC-8 flying.

Kulis Air National Guard Base at Anchorage International Airport was interesting although the weather was really horrible. Of course an hour after we left the sun came out!.

Wasilla where the museum was closed but we found an old HU-16 parked at the airport.

Birchwood had a nice CAP Alaska U-6 Beaver sitting in the snow shower.

And to wrap up Alaska a little Piper Cub at Metro Field in Fairbanks - when I grow up I want to be an F-14!

A UK catch-up from when I visited Blackpool to see the Budgies (HS-748s) and ATPs. ItÂ’s nice to see at least some of these classic British built aircraft escaping to go back into service from time to time.

Finally some interesting oldies sat at the Saylor Creek Range in Idaho. F-8s, F-100s and F-4s - nice.