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31st October 2008 - Idaho (mostly)

I've got busy in the last few days and finally caught up on some stuff.

Last weekend I went to Red Rocks in Morrison, CO for the Red Bull Soapbox Race for thrills and (mostly) spills galore. There is a full description on the web page.

I was at a warehouse shoot about a month ago playing around with lighting in the dark. A couple of us went from the more crowded and better lit space to another warehouse next door to try to set up a moody darker shoot. This did take us longer to set-up than shoot, but the results came out rather well I think - so much so that the model is using one of my photos in his portfolio (#5).

All the rest of the links are from my 5 days at Mountain Home Idaho a few weeks ago to cover the last ever German Air Force Phantom deployment to the USA - more of that another time as I was shooting for a Combat Aircraft magazine.

Just before I arrived near Mountain Home I took a look over my shoulder at how the sunrise looked. Seeing the neat line of wind turbines and the clouds made me stop to capture this one photo: (click on the Idaho slideshow) - I also rearranged all the sunset shots onto this page.

While I was on base I was offered a chance to do some skeet shooting.

And now for the aviation side of this trip.

Some preserved aircraft around WY and ID - Rock Springs, WY.

Off Airport, ID.

Twin Falls, ID.

Burley MAP, ID.

And some sweet crop-duster action.

Home of the duster.

That's all for now. paul

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