Southend Airport - (EGMC) - 2 July 2008

It took me a few wrong turns and long walks through fields before I realised that I needed to walk across the golf course to get near the Short SC.5 Belfast that is stored and maybe soon to be scrapped.

Only 10 of these machines were built - one is in Australia and airworthy and working and another example is preserved at Cosford under cover. That's it!

The BAC1-11 used by the fire service is ex 5N-HHH and wears fictitious registration G-FIRE - I wonder how long it took them to come up with that?

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20th April 2009 graham cook
Nice pics of the Belfast. I took some good ones when the axeman came and demolished those other ones by the railway line. Have been taking pics at southend since around 1963, stil live locally, but only had a b/w cheap camera they but some good shots from time to time Channel Airways, Channel Air Bridge, BAF, Tradair, BKS, all good memories.
24th November 2008 Colin W. Prentice
Southend is my home port. I have been spotting there for over 50 years. I have seen some stuff come and go in that time inc Catalina G-APZA flewn in by Hughie Green in the early 60's - Nice pics