Off Airport, Mexico

DC-9-14 XA-TBX (image 1-13): is used as a free public library in Mexico City, called Virtual Library Tlatoani. (19.4189215,-99.1125162)

C-130 3612 and CH-53 1581 (image 14-18): Morelos Park, Mexico City. State of Mexico Plaza, Centenary of Military Industry. (19.4890089,-99.0197036)

DC-9-14 XA-SKA (image 19-23): Ecatapec, Mexico City. (19.5537386,-99.01943)

DC-3 XA-ROM (image 24-28): Atizapan at the entrance to MMJC airport. (19.571404, -99.295022)

Unknown RC500 (images 29-30): Flyboys Restaurant, Esmeralda. (19.549409, -99.286694)

Unknown DC-9 (images 31-38): Flyboys Restaurant, Ojo de Agua. (19.618584, -99.038641)

Unknown F-28 (images 39-43): Flyboys Restaurant, Cuautitlan Izcalli (19.6876793,-99.2148765)

Two SE210s at San Juan Tuxtepec

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